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Kanye Follows John Lennon And Mick Jagger Into Primal Scream Therapy

Celebrities are known for undergoing all kinds of weird therapies in order to stay better, ranging from skin therapies to mental therapies. Unlike how we perceive them, they lead a highly stressful life. Staying in the public eye 24/7  and maintaining a benevolent image all the time is a task that we, lesser mortals, might not be able to handle gracefully. But strangely enough, we expect these celebrities to excel in that. Moreover, connecting has become easy since the advent of social media. But it also means that all of their actions are always under the scanner. A little mistake on their part would result in them getting trolled and judged. Add to this their individual stress due to their career, finances, or relationships. Seems like celebrities do not get things as easily as we think they do. Hence, they need to undergo various kinds of therapy for their mental well-being. Primal scream therapy has been around for quite a few decades now, and now, even Kanye West has tried it. Read on to know more!

What Is Primal Scream Therapy?

Anxiety affects most of us at some points in our lives. But for a few, it becomes a part of their lives. Suffering from an anxiety disorder or anxiety attacks is quite common in the USA, and almost 40 million adults deal with it every year. It has been found that scream therapy works well for people who have an anxiety disorder. It was first started by psychiatrist Arthur Janov when he mentioned it in his book, The Primal Scream, published in 1970. The aim here is to release all pent-up anger, stress, and other repressed issues. Screaming at the top of your lungs helps release anger and frustration, and thus helps the patient relax a bit. The idea here is to connect with every negative emotion like anger, stress, frustration, grief, to name a few, and get them out of the system by screaming or sobbing or even hitting something. However, most experts opine that scream therapy itself might not work best unless it is followed by other therapy programs with a psychologist.

The Celebrity Clientele

Though primal scream therapy is probably not as popular in Hollywood as a bird feces facial, it had its moments. Back in the 80s, Janov had sent a copy of his book to celebrities like John Lennon and Mick Jagger. Lennon reportedly underwent therapy with Arthur Janov which created ripples all around the industry, and Janov went on to become a celebrity therapist. Though endless controversies followed this therapy, it has made a comeback years later. Celebrity rapper Kanye West was going through a bad patch. He was hospitalized for nine days due to stress, and he had a breakdown after his wife, Kim Kardashian, was robbed at gunpoint. Thankfully, Kim understood Kanye’s plight and introduced him to a motivational speaker named Tony Robbins. It was under Tony’s guidance that Kanye stood in the warrior pose and started screaming. According to West, it had not worked right away, yet it was a good start. Of course, no other therapy starts working right away — it needs time.

Does This Therapy Really Work?

Therapists have admitted that screaming can be therapeutic. When we repress our emotions like anger or sadness or when we disagree with something yet can’t tell, the issues remain in our subconscious and create problems like anxiety or depression later on. Hence, when we have been intimidated as a child, couldn’t scream back when we were abused, suffered a huge personal loss, screaming can help. However, experts have warned that the consequences of doing it without expert supervision can be dangerous for your vocal chords. Also, as mentioned before, this therapy, along with regular sessions with a psychiatrist, can only help the patient. The whole concept might sound very easy to do which might encourage people to do it all by themselves. But it has the potential to be destructive and even abusive to people around you.

Therapists have taken the main takeaway from this kind of treatment and have improvised it to be used under proper guidance. For example, Gin Love Thompson, a psychotherapist, uses this concept to help her patients release pent-up energy regularly. She asks them to stand with their legs apart as if they are about to do a squat. In this position, they are asked to release their negative emotions with a grunt. This is a far more holistic approach to primal therapy!

Whatever therapy you opt for, find the one that suits you and remember to always seek the help of a professional.

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