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These Incredible Celebrity Houses Will Leave You Speechless – They Sure Know How To Live In Style

Shelby Lynne – Est. $699K+ Palm Springs, CA

A populist at heart, Shelby Lynne has the desire to rule the hearts of Sheryl Crow and Trisha Yearwood fans. Alison Moore’s eldest sister grabbed a Grammy Award in the Best New Artist category for ‘I Am Shelby Lynne’, her 1999 pop rock album. Her other albums include ‘Revelation Road’, ‘Merry Christmas’, and ‘Tears, Lies, and Alibis’. After all of that continued success, Lynne prefers to live a private life and has found her abode outside the hullabaloo of the city in Palm Springs, Florida. The sleek and retro-modern house is a thing of beauty and as far as we know, Shelby had to shell out an estimated $699,950 from her bank account.

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