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Going Through A Break-Up? Here Are Five Pieces of Advice From A-List Celebrities

Most break-ups aren’t really meant to be happy occasions. More often than not, at least one person in the relationship is left feeling heartbroken after it’s over. It can truly feel like the world is over when that happens, and dealing with such times can be difficult, especially if that relationship had been going on for a few years. Most of us deal with such situations with ice cream and lots of sad songs, but it doesn’t have to be that bad, according to some celebrities. And seeing as they’re the ones who go through the most break-ups, we think they’re the people who should be trusted most in this regard as their experience has probably taught them the best coping mechanisms for this sort of thing.

Here’s what some of the most famous celebrities on earth have to say about going through break-ups and what they think might help with getting over them.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer wants to make it clear that you need to have a sense of self-importance before you try to love someone else, and we completely agree with her. Not valuing yourself only sends you down a spiral of dependency which isn’t attractive at all and isn’t too good for your health and well-being either, not to mention your relationships. The first step to relationships and break-ups is having self-esteem and loving yourself so that your relationships are healthy and your break-ups are tolerable because you’ll know that you’ll be able to find someone else and that your entire world didn’t disappear along with the person who left you.

Jennifer Aniston

According to Jennifer, you shouldn’t try to fight the pain that a break-up might bring. She says that pressing down on the pain will only make things worse and that embracing it is the healthiest way to cope with your loss. Something great that ends, whether suddenly or over some time, will definitely result in a lot of sadness for both people in the relationship, but being in denial of the hurt that you’re going through won’t do you any good. Realize what you’ve lost, deal with the emotions coming your way until you feel better, and then move on with your life.


Rihanna wants you to know that things aren’t always going to stay like they are now. While the future might seem unstable, uncertain, and bleak right after you go through a break-up, things are going to look up soon. It’s okay to cry, according to Rihanna, but she also says that you should consider the breakup to be a gift because it’s a doorway to another relationship that might even better than the one you just ended. Finally, she wants you to enjoy being alone for the time being because there are many perks of being by yourself and exploring yourself.


Work is what Madonna turned to after her breakup, and she recommends it for everyone. According to her, getting busy with her career stopped her from delving too deep into her break-up and kept her afloat from what could have been a major depressive episode. We don’t think this means that you shouldn’t think about your break-up at all. Like the other stars have mentioned, it’s okay to be down about what happened, but you shouldn’t let it consume you entirely. To avoid something like that, you should find something to keep you busy, and work seems like a pretty good option.

Kim Kardashian

According to Kim, you shouldn’t blame yourself over a relationship that didn’t go the way that you had hoped. If you feel like you’re not going to be happy with the person that you’re with in the long run, then there’s no harm in ending things, and you shouldn’t beat yourself up about a decision that you made for your own well-being. Kim herself ended a relationship that she wasn’t satisfied with, and she feels much better now.

Celebrities really seem to know what they’re talking about when it comes to break-ups! If you combine all these nuggets of advice, you’ll feel that your current relationship will improve, and you’re also going to have a much easier and healthier time getting over any break-ups that might occur during your lifetime.

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