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You’ll Be Surprised To Learn The Net Worth Of These Forgotten Celebrities

Jane Alexander — $1.4 Million

Soon after she made her debut on Broadway, Jane Alexander won an award the very next year. In fact, she has won a Tony and an Emmy award in her career. Alexander starred in both the Broadway production as well as the film version of The Great White Hope. You might even recognize her ageless beauty in movies like Kramer Vs Kramer and All The President’s Men. In 1993, she was appointed as President of the National Endowment For The Arts by none other than then-president Bill Clinton, and she served till 1997. Earlier this year, she confessed that she finally  knows what it is like to live alone since she has been with someone all these years. Despite her estrangement with her last husband Adrian, they had been living together because they couldn’t afford big investments in houses right then. But her perseverance paid off and she now has a home in Exeter, Devon.

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