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Flotation Therapy: The Holy Grail Of Fitness?

A majority of athletes will leave no stone unturned to improve their game and get faster and better. However, the latest trend suggests that you need not sweat it out much in order to gain optimum fitness. Flotation therapy – the Holy Grail of fitness — is already here, and some of the top celebrities and athletes have already jumped on the bandwagon. What is flotation therapy? Does it actually work or is it just another ridiculous fitness gimmick? Let’s find out!

What Exactly Is Flotation Therapy?

Floating initiates a deep mental relaxation that permits the brain to produce theta waves which triggers an increase in creativity, memory, and mental clarity. Aside from that, the flow of endorphins elevates your mood which eventually relieves your mind of anxiety, depression, and all kinds of negativity. Flotation therapy, combined with customized training programs, has reportedly helped many athletes reach peak fitness. According to therapists, this therapy prevents sports injuries and reduces the recovery period. In addition to that, floating relieves strained joints, bones, and muscles and boosts the circulation of blood.

What Is A Float Tank?

The therapy typically takes place in a lightproof and a soundproof tank, also known as a sensory deprivation chamber, and it has already become a craze among the new-age hippie crowd. But, it’s rapidly gaining currency in the fitness industry as well, and several renowned athletes are endorsing the therapy. For instance, famed athletes like Steph Curry and Tom Brady are known to be big fans of the this method.

What Does It Require?

To perform the therapy, therapists typically require a tank that needs to be filled with around 6 to 12 inches of water with Epsom salt mixed in it. The high salt percentage makes the water in the tank denser, leading to a rise in buoyancy which helps an individual to float easier. The temperature of the water is kept close to your body temperature (93.5°F to 98.6°F). Once you enter the float tank, all you need to do is lie back, relax, and allow the feeling of weightlessness do the rest for you. As a matter of fact, the absence of outside stimuli triggers an intense mental and physical relaxation. As a result, when you come out of the tank, you feel completely rejuvenated.

Why Are So Many Athletes Jumping On The Bandwagon?

Floating has varied benefits. It helps in reducing fears and anxieties, and therapists have already started speculating whether floating can prove to be effective in curing people suffering from anxiety. But it has gained greater fame in the world sports as the practice has been endorsed by prominent athletes in recent times. Floating has a huge impact on performance and recovery, according to renowned sports scientists. The procedure helps the sympathetic nervous system to calm down.

In addition to that, a high percentage of cortisol helps in impeding the entire recovery process. Floating creates a flow of psychological events which regulates the nervous system and accentuates parasympathetic activity. Since the process takes optimum pressure off your joints and muscles, athletes recover faster and experience a better performance as well. Perhaps that is the reason why floating has become a secret weapon for many renowned sport persons out there.

Benefits Of Floating

Those celebrities or individuals who have incorporated flotation therapy in their wellness schedule have pointed out positive long-term as well as short-term benefits. According to them, flotation therapy causes extreme relaxation, relief from arthritis and old injuries like backaches, and it also helps in detoxifying the system, improving skin condition, and releasing endorphins. In addition to that, the therapy helps accentuate creativity and imagination, regulate sleeping patterns, and boost energy levels.

Who Endorses Floating?

Flotation therapy has been gaining wide currency these days, owing to endorsements by celebrities such as Joe Rogan. Rogan’s podcast inspired Anthony Cosenzo, a renowned professional jiu-jitsu performer, to take up floating. He swears by the rapid recovery he went through. Many other sports celebrities have accepted that floating has helped their muscles to recover from fatigue.

The best way to reap maximum benefits from flotation therapy is to do it after you finish your workout. Floating has already entered the mainstream fitness industry, and a good number of celebs and athletes have already opted for this therapy. If you are looking for a new way to regain your fitness, you can try it at least once. It’s totally safe.

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