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Five Holistic Therapies That Really Worked For Celebs

Celebrities often indulge in various weird kinds of therapies. When it comes to their health or good looks, they are not scared to either burn off the ends of their hair, put leeches on their skin, or go for vampire facials. They seem desperate at times, and why wouldn’t they be? After all, their body and their looks help them earn their millions. However, for common people like you and me, getting access to some kind of outlandish therapy is not possible at all, but we have found several holistic and natural therapies that can be done by anyone. As far as we know, several celebs have benefitted from these therapies, too. Want to know more about them? Read on!

Crystal Healing

An alternative way of banishing stress involves crystals and stones. It may sound ethereal but, this method is a pseudoscience and has no scientific basis. However, several people claim to have gotten great results from this therapy. In it, the crystals are placed in some of the vital parts of our bodies which help our body to heal with positive energy. Despite theories that the healing has a lot to do with the placebo effect, it continues to be one of the most popular therapies used by celebrities like Miranda Kerr. It is known that she keeps a rose quartz (source of positive energy that is essential in healing) in her personal handbag. She also uses the same crystal in her own line of beauty products – Kora Organics. It is great for people who are distressed.

Transcendental Meditation

We all know about meditation and how it is extremely good for our mind and body. But what is transcendental meditation? It is nothing but a kind of meditation that involves chanting a mantra for about 20 minutes a day. It was invented by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. It is known to trigger good results in both religious and non-religious aspects. Actress Nicole Kidman is apparently a big fan of transcendental meditation as she has been practicing it since her 20s. The good thing about this kind of meditation is that there is no need to empty your minds which is a very difficult thing to achieve. Hence, it is doable by almost everyone. A highly stressful lifestyle might get a lot of help from transcendental meditation.


This is another pseudoscience, yet, it has gained immense popularity over the years. This alternative medicine requires thin needles to be inserted in certain areas of the body. It has been the traditional Chinese way of treatment for thousands of years. If used along with other forms of treatment, it does tend to work well. Elle Macpherson believes in acupuncture, and she has confessed that she gets acupuncture done regularly and treats common symptoms with traditional Chinese herbs. Well, staying away from strong medicines made from chemicals is a great idea. Migraines, injuries, stress, or even gynecological issues can be cured with this alternative therapy.

Deep Tissue Massages

A deep tissue massage is a lot different from normal massages which often aim to relieve a person from stress. This one focuses on the deep tissues in our body and brings about relief from chronic pain and tension. The thing is, it might not be as relaxing as a regular massage — it can definitely get uncomfortable. However, if you have a good therapist, they might be able to understand your needs first and work accordingly without making it unbearable for you. It can be great for those who work in front of computers for long hours and have back or neck pain. The neck and shoulders are the two areas that get a lot of attention in this massage. Jennifer Hawkins swear by this kind of therapy and gets it done every week.

Infrared Saunas

Cindy Crawford likes infrared saunas so much that she has one at home. It is a lot gentle, a more soothing therapy that helps with sleep issues and relaxation. Unlike regular saunas which makes use of steam, in this treatment, infrared waves directly heat up the body without heating the air around you. Since you can take it for a longer time than normal saunas, it can be taken frequently. Great for detoxification!

If any of these simple holistic therapies have caught your fancy, why not try it out? Who knows, your body might greatly benefit from any of these. You don’t need to have a fat bank account to try these out!

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