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Five Diet Tips And Tricks From Celebrities

Hollywood celebrities are notorious for their fad diets and quirky celeb therapies that all seem to make our lives look mundane. Their weird food habits are often publicized by the media, and their fans start following them without even thinking twice if that diet is truly the right one for them. Nutritionists all over the world emphasize that nutrition is an inexact science. It is not possible to say if a certain food is working for one might work for another. Hence, following celebrity diets can be dangerous. However, these bright Hollywood stars do have some real advice for you that not only works for one and all but have been approved by nutritionists, too. So here are some of them that you can incorporate in your daily lifestyle and get good results.

Give In To Your Cravings – Heidi Klum

We will start with our most favorite piece of advice. At some point, we all experience having that immense craving for a particular food – and let’s face it, our cravings are usually unhealthy! When we give in to them, we suffer from guilt, and when we don’t, we get frustrated. So, what is the right thing to do? Heidi Klum says that it is okay to give in at times. She herself does that often and is a self-confessed fan of fast food. She is a fan of the Big Mac and is never afraid to indulge in it when she wants. Even nutritionists like Grace Derocha from Michigan supports her views. However, she warns everyone of going overboard with binge-eating. Being mindful while eating even when you are satisfying your cravings is extremely critical.

Color Plays A Big Role – Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera’s seven-day color diet became famous in no time, and though it sounds a bit silly or weird, it is most definitely effective. It goes without saying that eating vegetables of various colors and incorporating them in your daily diet will do you a world of good. Having more vegetables in your daily diet will help you leave out white carbs like bread or rice, or at least have them in lesser quantities. Having more colorful veggies will add more nutrients and fibers to your meal. And we can’t help but remind that you will have a healthy glow in your skin and hair, too!

Snacking At A Fixed Time – Nicole Scherzinger

Snacking is an important part of your daily diet. But did you know that snacking at one particular time of the day can curb your hunger pangs, allowing you to lead a healthier life? Nicole Scherzinger, a gorgeous singer, believes in mindful snacking at a fixed time of the day, and that is probably how she maintains her amazing physique. It turns out that an afternoon protein snack speeds up your metabolism and balances your blood sugar. This is supported by nutritionist Frida Harju. She says that a protein snack in the afternoon is very good for the body. Snacking on fruits at that time of the day works well, too.

Eggs For Breakfast – Chrissy Teigen

Bread, rice, and other kinds of simple carbs might be our first choice for breakfast, but the truth is having eggs for breakfast is the best morning food for the body. Adding this protein to your breakfast will help you keep your energy levels up until lunch time. Model Chrissy Teigen, who is the wife of John Legend, and also the mother of two kids says, “I like a farmer’s breakfast: two over-easy eggs, turkey bacon or pork sausage, sliced avocado, and grilled tomatoes.”

Grow Your Veggies  – Drew Barrymore

Last but not least, start your very own vegetable garden. Stay within your means and start small if it is too much for you, but you need to start. Once you start growing your own food, it’s easier to prepare and eat home-cooked meals. On the upside, you will get to teach your children about gardening and growing fruits and vegetables as well, and you will be getting totally organic, pesticide, and GMO-free food! The perks are many, but yes, gardening does need hard work if you want better results. Drew Barrymore is the best champion of home gardening, and we need to learn from her.

So not all celebrity diets or tips are quirky or undoable; some of them truly work. Of course, you should support that advice with a healthy lifestyle of your own that should consist of a nutritious diet and regular exercise. When you do that, you can maintain a great physique just like the stars of Hollywood.

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