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Five Big Differences Between Game Of Thrones Show And The Books

Game of Thrones may be the most popular TV show today. Season 7 just ended and it surely delivered! It was one of the most action packed and exciting seasons to date. If you haven’t yet seen the latest episodes then don’t worry, we won’t be spoiling you. We’ll only be talking about differences between the show and the books.

We love the TV show but in our opinion, the books are a whole lot better. It has better writing and there are a lot of characters from the book that aren’t in the show (which we will be talking about in a different article). So if you’re a Game of Thrones fan, then we highly recommend that you read the books. So, what do you think is better? The books or the TV show?

The Red Wedding

Robb Stark’s love story was different in the TV show.

In the Books: Robb’s wife is named Jeyne Westerling which is a part of an old noble house. Jeyne did not attend the wedding of Edmure Tully and Roslyn Frey and stayed at Riverrun to avoid any tension and confrontation with the Freys. Robb and Jeyne tried to get pregnant to produce an heir for the King in the North, but they were not able to. After the Red Wedding, Robb and everyone else is slaughtered, Jeyne Westerling and her family are pardoned by the Iron Throne and guarded for two years in order to make sure she has not produced an heir for Robb.

On the Show: On the TV show, Robb’s wife is Talisa Maegyr a noblewoman from Volantis, that decided to be a healer and relocated to Westeros. She gets pregnant, and was with Robb during the Red Wedding, and was slaughtered along with their unborn child and everyone else.

Jaime Lannister And Bronn At Dorne

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Jamie and Bronn enters the Dornish grounds in disguise

In the Books: This whole story arc is not present in the books. After the death of their father and the Red Wedding, Jaime was ordered by Cersei to end the siege of Riverrun. He takes Ilyn Payne (the guy who executed Ned Stark) along as his sparring partner in order for him to learn how to fight without his right hand.

On the Show: Jaime and Bronn set off on a secret mission to Dorne to try and rescue her niece/daughter Myrcella and bring her back to King’s Landing. This is one of the worst story arcs of the show in our opinion.

Sansa Stark Marrying Ramsay Bolton

Image result for sansa and ramsay

Ramsay Bolton and Sansa Stark were married in the TV show.

In the Books: It was one of Sansa’s friends, Jeyne Poole that was married to Ramsay who they pretended was Arya Stark in order to secure a Lannister – Bolton alliance and have the northern lords ally to their cause. Ramsay knows that she is a fake, and tortures her. She is able to escape with Theon when Mance Rayder (yes, he didn’t die like in the show) is sent to rescue her.

On the Show: The show made the real Sansa Stark marry Ramsay Bolton, which started a lot of events. The show tends to leave out several characters in order to make the show less complicated, but it makes it not as interesting.

Tyrion Working For Daenerys

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In the books, Tyrion hasn’t met Daenerys Targaryen yet.

In the Books: This is one of the biggest differences between the books and the TV show. In the books, after fleeing King’s Landing Tyrion flees across the narrow sea and meets Illyrio Mopatis in Pentos. He then travels with “Griff” and “Young Griff” and other companions to help Daenery’s cause. Tyrion discovers that Griff is an exiled lord that was once Rhaegar Targaryen’s best friend and that Young Griff is actually Aegon Targaryen, the son of Rhaegar that was apparently killed in the Sack of King’s Landing. Well, it is not yet confirmed if Young Griff is actually the real Aegon Targaryen.

On the Show: Griff and Young Griff are not present in the show, and since Tyrion is already serving Daenerys the moment for them to appear has already passed. The show tends to remove a lot of characters, but it seems Griff and Young Griff are important characters to the story, which changed the story of the show from the books entirely. The show made their own twist about Aegon Targaryen in season 7.

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