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What Is Cryotherapy And Why Do Celebs Go For It?


Imagine freezing yourself in an extremely cold tank for three to five minutes. Sounds scary, right? Known as cryotherapy, this has been proven to be an excellent way to heal yourself. Now, before you assume that it will freeze you to death, get to know what cryotherapy actually is!

What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is a therapeutic and restorative treatment

Cryotherapy is known to be a therapeutic and a restorative treatment which aids in weight loss, smoothes out skin, and manages pain. Cryotherapy derives its name from Greek which is translated to ‘cold cure’. Research suggests that such a technique has been followed for ages and perhaps dates back to the 16th or 17th century.

It’s Similar To Spa Treatment

You might have noticed athletes using ice packs or immersing themselves in ice baths to recover from pain. Cryotherapy of the whole body has originated from Japan where this process was carried out to treat rheumatoid arthritis in 1978. The most well-known form of this process requires you to be seated in a particular cryotherapy booth for a period of three to five minutes. A few people go through cryotherapy facials which involve applying cold to the visage. Others go for cryotherapy wand which specifically targets painful joints. Cryotherapy is similar to a spa treatment which is non-medical. Nowadays, doctors use cryotherapy to freeze off cancerous cells. Though it might seem a bit unpleasant and appalling at the start, things begin to turn better with more treatments as your body gets acclimatized to the icy cold temperatures.

Even Hugh Jackman Tried The Treatment

Hugh Jackman even posted a video on social media of him taking the treatment

Cryotherapy has made a name for itself and is definitely the recent trend to improve overall health. So much so that Hollywood star Hugh ‘Wolverine’ Jackman hasn’t been able to stop himself from jumping on the bandwagon. The Hollywood superstar is well-known for possessing an astounding physique, and the exhausting work-outs that he goes through for his films have had a big role to play.

The X-Men actor, who is now 48, credited cryotherapy for the amazing body he flaunts. Of late, he was spotted clambering into a cryotherapy tank with sub-arctic temperatures which helps in restoring blood vessels, smoothing unwrinkled skin, destroying cancerous cells, and reducing pain. Now that Jackman has fallen for the latest trend, and you are aware of what makes women drool over him, what are you waiting for?

What Are The Benefits?

You have to expose yourself to sub-zero temperature to take the treatment

Cryotherapy of the full body involves a gusting of sub-arctic air on an individual for a period of three minutes, sometimes extending up to five. Cryotherapy tanks contain cryogenic vapors of nitrogen and climb down to less than minus 200 degrees fahrenheit. This particular therapy is known to restore the blood vessels, manage and reduce pain, and make the skin smoother and unwrinkled, also enhancing the complexion in the process. But before you get ready for it, just go through these other benefits of cryotherapy just to be 100 percent sure. Here you go:

Heals muscles and relieves pain: Cryotherapy can bail you out from muscle disorders and joint pains. It is also known for faster healing of injuries sustained by athletes.

Helps in weight loss: Cryotherapy supports weight loss, not actively causing so. Cold compels the body to toil harder to remain warm.

Reduces inflammation: Chronic inflammation leads to health issues which include diabetes, cancer, depression, arthritis, and dementia. Reduced inflammation implies overall health improvement.

Prevents dementia: Cryotherapy reduces inflammation which is a primary cause of dementia. With the prevention of dementia, other oxidative stresses linked with it are also reduced.

Treats cancer: As cryotherapy aids in reducing inflammation, it can possibly result in diminishing the risks of cancer and its development. Medical cryotherapy has been a well-known treatment for cancer and its certain types.

Cryotherapy benefits are endless, but you should consult a physician before opting for it

Reduces depression and anxiety: Mental health issues are linked to inflammation, and as per research, cryotherapy plays a big role in improving mental health conditions.

Alleviates eczema symptoms: It’s an inflammatory condition of the skin when the skin dries up and itchy patches are formed. Cryotherapy helps in alleviating eczema symptoms.

Cryotherapy is a somewhat new trend, and doctors are not fully aware of its potential advantages and the risks that are associated with the process. Nevertheless, it is getting more popular by the day as Hollywood A-listers are swearing by it. But before you dive in, get to know all its pros and cons. At the end of the day, your good health is all that matters.

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