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Celebrity Secrets: How To Achieve A Youthful Glow

You might have often wondered how your favorite celebs manage to look younger than their real ages. Though, a majority of them go under the knife for a price that most people can’t even think of, and avail numerous anti-aging techniques in order to make themselves look flawless. But, there are a few scientific approaches that celebs take in order to sustain that youthful look. There are seven such ways which you will come across in this article. Read on!

Drinking Lots Of Water

Many celebrities have claimed that drinking plenty of water has worked wonders for them. It’s definitely one of the best anti-aging secrets that these celebs have. Staying hydrated nourishes the skin, hair, and nails and helps them exude that glow that you lose your heart on. A recent research was conducted on 49 females with good health, who were divided into two groups. Over a month’s duration, one group consumed approximately five liters of water while the other one drank less than three and a half liters. It was observed that the group who consumed around five liters of water exhibited a perfect youthful glow, owing to an optimum hydration of their skin.

Having A Good Night’s Sleep

Some celebs manage to get eight hours of sleep despite their busy schedules, and this alone has proven to be effective in making them look fresher the next day. Many people shell out a lot on beauty products, anti-aging pills, and whatnot, but a sound sleep of eight hours really makes all the difference for some of the stars. Earlier, scientists had explained the connection between inadequate sleep and dermatologic conditions. Not getting enough sleep can have an adverse impact on the skin which leads you to look older than your age and prevents the skin from recovering any kind of irritation or damage. Adequate sleep is always recommended.

Never Sleeping With Makeup On

Many celebs prefer to wash off all the makeup before they hit the bed. The dirt and the paint accumulate and clog the pores, so it’s imperative to make sure to wash all the gunk off properly. Washing the face softly and gently is definitely one of the best ways to ward off an untimely aging of the skin. As per one esteemed organization, scrubbing the skin clean can lead to a skin irritation, and that ultimately causes an acceleration in skin aging.

Saying No to Smoking And Drinking

Some celebs prefer to make a few major changes to their lifestyle, and that includes refraining themselves from smoking and drinking alcohol. Those who used to smoke have quit and have even had a major cut down on their alcohol consumption. According to a study, smoking cigarettes and heavy consumption of alcohol can change one’s DNA and be the root of premature aging.

Trying To Keep Away From Stress

Celebs who have stuck on to their charm and glow, in spite of aging, have their own ways of keeping themselves miles away from stress. There is, indeed, a lot of that in everyone’s life when it comes to their family, spouses, or careers. Having proper sleep and relieving the mind of any kind of stress is the key to avoid wrinkles. Whenever a person is going through a lot of stress, stress hormones are activated which results in hair fall, aging, and debility. Ultimately, the body breaks down, causing more than just physical problems.

Wearing Sunscreen

A majority of them vouch for a sunscreen. A tan generally lasts for a week or so, and the more you expose yourself to the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun, the more harm you are doing to your skin. UVA rays have the ability to penetrate deep into the thickest layer of your skin and UVB rays burn your skin’s superficial layers. Applying a sunscreen with SPF 15 or more on a daily basis has become a must for  stars in order to maintain that glow and prevent the skin from getting burnt and sun-damaged. After all, it’s the entertainment industry, and they have to look their best in every possible.

Adding Lots Of Fruits And Vegetables To The Diet

Celebrities, like Kate Winslet, have opted for a strict vegetarian diet. Adding reds, yellows, greens, and purples are a cool way to fill up the body with all the necessary nutrients. Eating healthy has lots of benefits and certainly has positive effects on beauty, youth, and daily life.

Apart from the aforementioned ways, working out at least thrice a week has become a daily routine for many stars. Toiling hard at the gym is one effective way to prevent the body to get fatigued. Moreover, it helps in radiating that aura celebs are famous for. These tips can easily be incorporated in anyone’s lifestyle, so start now!

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