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59 Celebrities & Their Incredible Net Worth – Can You Guess Who Has The Biggest Bank Account?

Lady Gaga — $275 Million

If you don’t know Lady Gaga, you’ve really been living under a rock because this person has dominated pop culture for as long as we can remember! She’s a super successful music icon and lives in the best houses and rides the best cars! Lady Gaga is most popular for her somewhat weird performances for the songs she sings. Some of her most famous songs are “Born This Way”, “Bad Romance”, and “Poker Face”. However, she’s stated that money isn’t what’s most important to her. In fact, despite her immense net worth, she still found herself in need of a financial planning advisor because she was in debt. The reason behind why all of her cash disappeared was her hobby of spending absurd amounts of money on the costumes that she so loves to wear. After a lifetime of monetary success, we suppose she’s earned the right to some fun!

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