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59 Celebrities & Their Incredible Net Worth – Can You Guess Who Has The Biggest Bank Account?

Glenn Close — $50 Million

Glenn Close is 71 years of age now, and she’s had a massively successful career. She recently won a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a drama motion picture, and if that doesn’t show just how talented she is, then we don’t know what will! Even at this age, she isn’t letting up. Her performance in the movie The Wife made anyone watching absolutely dumbstruck because of how good it was. As you can imagine, this life of endless Hollywood success has done a lot of good for her bank account, bringing her net worth to a startling $50 million! She’s got an apartment that’s valued at a mind-blowing $11,800,000! It’s absolutely massive, with two huge bedrooms. That’s the sort of building everyone dreams of living in, and Glenn Close has shown us all that it’s possible.

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