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How Carrie Underwood Turned to God After Three Miscarriages in Two Years

The dream of many married women is to have kids at the right time. However, there are several unfortunate factors that stop them from actualizing this dream like miscarriage. Miscarriage affects every class of women in the world including wealthy celebrities.

Carrie Underwood had to turn to God after she experienced three miscarriages within two years. The former American Idol winner got pregnant in 2017 but she lost her baby. She got pregnant later that year but it ended the same way as the last one – with a miscarriage. In 20018, she had a third miscarriage. Underwood refused to get angry or depressed because her husband, Mike Fisher and son, Isaiah are great companions. But then she suffered from her fourth miscarriage which almost devastated her.

The singer revealed that in a state of desperation, she turned to God and started praying for her health and happiness. Carrie says that her faith in Christianity was restored that day she visited the doctor and found that she was pregnant once again, but this time there was a much higher chance of her giving birth to a healthy baby. The doctor  told her that she and the baby were absolutely fine.

The news of her pregnancy and 2019 tour have warmed the hearts of fans. A normal pregnancy is a dream come true for the singer who always wanted to start a family of her own. She is just so excited and glad that she can share the news with everyone.

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