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Bee Venom Therapy – A Natural Therapy or A Dumb Way To Get into the Hospital?

Apitherapy Is Trending But Is It Absolutely Safe?

Apitherapy has become a trend among celebrities despite experts expressing major concerns about the treatment. People in the country are big fans of bees and beekeeping but the same cannot be confirmed as true for deliberately injecting yourselves with bee venom.

The type of Apitherapy being spoken about, may seem ridiculous to many but it is being used as a natural remedy in South America, Eastern Europe and in Asia for centuries. It has also made its entry into the United States and is being promoted as an alternative remedy with increasing frequency. Gwyneth Paltrow is confirmed as a fan of bee venom which is being promoted as therapy which can be useful in specific cases but also has the potential of being extremely dangerous. This is simply because the human body can react to the therapy unpredictably beginning from harmless skin reactions to life-threatening anaphylaxis.

The Seemingly Friendly Bee Garden Could Be Home to Killer Bees

You May Have Killer Bees In Your Bee Garden Or the Venom May Have Been Sourced from farms With Killer Bees.

One can debate endlessly about the harmless nature of these insects which only attack humans when they are subjected to threats of any type. In all of the cases bees are quite common and so is their venom which is one of the most commonly found animal venoms. Despite being promoted by various therapists, it must be understood that bee venom comprises various chemical agents which can induce allergic reactions in the human body. Moreover, a bee farm from where the venom has been sourced, could be housing a swarm of killer bees that may be potentially dangerous to humans. Regardless of the fact that apitherapy uses bee venom for medicinal purposes and the claims made by its proponents about its therapeutic benefits, people are required to understand they are still subjecting themselves to a therapy which until this time has only historical anecdotes to support its authenticity.

Proponents of apitherapy are making various claims and mentioning it can provide benefits from musculoskeletal neuralgia, immune-related diseases, and chronic recalcitrant neuralgia or even to just desensitize patients who suffer from bee stings to keep away any future allergy reactions. The proponents of apitherapy are convinced that certain compounds in bee venom such as melittin and adolapin can help the body to release healing compounds of the natural kind to defend itself and therefore believe apitherapy is a natural therapy which has been ignored for a long time.

Can Bee Venom Therapy Subject You to Huge Medical Bills?

Despite the many therapeutic benefits discussed by the proponents of apitherapy, a dermatologist at the Mount Sinai hospital in New York City, Gary Goldenberg, has mentioned that a number of patients are severely allergic to bee stings without knowing about it. A scientific review conducted in 2015, provided researchers with the information that approximately 28.87% of people experienced adverse reactions when they adopted apitherapy as a method. The researchers also mentioned that bee venom therapy could increase the risk of adverse reactions by around 261%.

Gerard Butler Realized The Difficult Way That Medical Bills Could Follow Bee Random Therapy.

A classic example of bee venom therapy subjecting an individual to huge medical bills is available in the form of Gerard Butler. The actor decided to try this therapy to ease sore muscles after a long day at work on the movie sets. Butler had heard about apitherapy and decided to opt for the treatment. Butler had a total of 10 injections before winding up in the hospital with anaphylactic shock and said he had creepy crawlies all over him apart from being swollen up before he realized that the dosage given to him was perhaps in excess of what was required.

Butler returned to the hospital for another round of treatment with the hope that a smaller dosage wouldn’t be as harmful as the first. Unfortunately, even the smaller dosage did not work out for Butler had to be hospitalized again after his second treatment. This incidence gives a clear indication that regardless of what’s being mentioned by the many proponents of apitherapy the risks of adverse reactions exist.

Adequate Research Is Essential Before People Opt for The Treatment.

People who are interested in trying apitherapy are advised to conduct research carefully and also ensure they are fully aware of their practitioner’s qualifications especially regarding the use of bee venom therapy. A better option would be to consult the primary physician in the first place or even contact the nearest hospital for advice before choosing bee venom therapy as a natural remedy for any of the causes mentioned in this discussion.

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