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These Celebrities Are Practicing Meditation, Here’s Why You Should Too!

If you don’t know much about yoga, chances are that you’ll think of it as some weird mumbo-jumbo that relies on believing in a whole bunch of things that hasn’t been proven to exist, like chakras and universe energy, among other questionable things. However, there’s so much more to yoga and meditation than what you may have perceived. Meditation is actually a real practice with real benefits, and if you’re not doing it, then you’re doing yourself a serious disservice because meditation is almost necessary if you want to have a healthy, balanced life.

Meditation is known to have all sorts of benefits, including stabilizing your mood which means you’re not jumpy or quick to anger or sadness all the time but rather in a calm and collected mood. You’ll have control over your anxiety and will also have a greater attention span, meaning you’ll be able to concentrate on certain things with more effectiveness, thereby helping you with work a lot more than you think.

Here are all the celebrities that could convince you to start meditating:

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah is just full of surprises. You’d never have guessed how far a person like her could go, and yet she’s one of the most influential and powerful women in the world. She’s also a staunch supporter of meditation and has been for quite a few years now. She started back in 2011 when she brought a few meditation instructors to her workplace and fell in love with the practice instantly! According to her, meditation allows her to reconnect with the inner values that are important to her and also lets her find a sort of stillness within her that’s quite valuable. She finds the experience energizing and yet strangely calming, which is exactly how meditation really is! For her, what meditation offers is far more important than the work she does.

Jerry Seinfeld

You probably remember Jerry Seinfeld from the sitcom that was named after him. He’s been a huge hit on television and on the live stage for a good many years now, and he says that he owes all his success to meditation. He’s actually been at it for over 40 years now, so we’re inclined to believe him. According to him, meditation helps him take things easy, and judging by his calm and fun personality, we’re certain it is working out great for him! He claims that meditation charges up his body with energy and also helps him sleep peacefully at night, which is yet another huge benefit of the practice.

Michael Jordan

A world-famous basketball player might not exactly be the perfect candidate to tell you about meditation in your imagination, but it’s worked out perfectly for him so far. Michael started mediation because his coach made him do it back in the 90s. The coach brought in a professional instructor, and he really changed the way Michael played the sport. Instead of avoiding all the distractions around him, Michael learned to absorb all of his surroundings which allowed him to take better shots, making him the outstanding player that he is. He’s stated himself that it works well for him and seems pretty excited about the whole thing, even after all the years that have passed since he first dabbled in meditation. Of course, as compared to Jerry Seinfeld, he’s only just getting started, but we’re sure he’ll get there someday!

Michelle Yeoh

You probably don’t know Michelle by her name, but she is slowly garnering a lot of attention in Hollywood after the immense success of Crazy Rich Asians. She’s generally into action movies, and she does them extremely well. She’s even performed in blockbusters like The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor and Tomorrow Never Dies, among many others, and she’s not looking to stop anytime soon. Unlike many celebrities who find meditation somehow, Michelle was introduced to it when she was born into her Buddhist family. She has always practiced meditation, and it has had profound effects on her personality as she considers all of mankind to be her family. We’re sure she’ll keep her meditation routine up for as long as she can muster because it’s worth it.

There are numerous other celebrities out there who meditate, and you’ll just have to start practicing it yourself to see why it’s so beneficial.


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