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Madonna Looks Almost Unrecognizable After Her Latest Plastic Surgery


Madonna looks great at 60 and fans are wondering if there is a secret behind her flawless, wrinkle-free skin. The diva is criticized for going under the knife at her age, but she doesn’t allow the negativity get on her way. On Christmas Eve last year, she was spotted at New York City’s Stonewall Inn and the footage of her backside was circulated on social media. But Madonna loves breaking down stereotypes and she hangs onto her feminine appeal, proving that she can still be hot in her 60’s.

She believes that looking great at her age is an act of feminism. She addressed the uproar regarding going through the knife by saying that she is  ‘desperately seeking no one’s approval.’ The singer is kicking down all the walls the way she has  always done her whole career.

She allow people to talk all they want but she maintains what she believes when it comes to health and physical looks. She says that she is proud of her body and the way she has maintained her figure even at 60. Madonna is in even better shape than people half her age, and she is not planning to back down.

The queen of pop is super confident in her skin and would not allow anyone ruin her confidence in herself.

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