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Hollywood and Exotic Animals: Five Celebrities and Their Unusual Pets!

It goes without saying that having a pet does have a therapeutic effect on its owner. It has been proven again and again that a lonely, depressed person who gets a pet suddenly transforms overnight. When you need to take care of another being aside from yourself, you become more responsible, active, and cheerful as well. The bond shared between owner and pet is undeniable, not to mention life-changing and memorable. Unlike us common people who would settle for a dog or a cat, there are some celebrities who have kept exotic animals as pets. Of course, they can readily maintain such pets considering their bank accounts, but still, some celebrities have chosen really unusual pets. Curious? Well here are some of them!

Elvis Presley — Chimpanzee

The rock star who mesmerized the world with his unique voice, sense of music, and groovy dance steps was an animal-lover. Elvis had countless horses, dogs, and birds. However, the one that stole the show and took center-stage almost every time was his chimpanzee, Scatter. That time, Scatter was famous for his weird antics and behavior, including the habit of lifting women’s hemlines. Seems like Scatter got trained from the master of flirt himself! In the 1960s and 70s, laws were quite lenient, and keeping an exotic animal at home was not a punishable act. Eventually, Scatter died of cirrhosis of the liver. Well, society affected him a bit too much, we guess!

Audrey Hepburn — Deer

It is weird that when people think of exotic pets, nobody thinks of deers. Apparently, Audrey Hepburn did. After all, they did have matching eyes. The deer was brought for the shooting of the movie Green Mansions. However, after the filming’s conclusion, Hepburn couldn’t let the beautiful thing go. The animal trainer suggested that Hepburn take it back home to bond with it. Soon, the deer followed her everywhere. It was free to roam about in her estate and got a nice bed out of her bathtub. Reminds us of another celebrity who had a deer as a pet? Any guesses? Well, it is none other than Frieda Kahlo!

Tippi Hedren — Lion

Well, when talking about exotic, we don’t really think of how wild these animals are. But for Tippi Hedren, she would not settle for anything less than the king of the jungle – a lion. We hear she always had a thing for the ones that belonged to the cat family. But nobody could guess that she would actually get the biggest one from that family as a pet. Tippi’s lion was called Neil. In fact, she had a few more, and later moved them all to the Shambala Preserve, a sanctuary in California that she started. Her love for these big feline cats is so pure that now she has taken a stand against people who want to own them as pets and treat them poorly.

Leonardo DiCaprio — Tortoise

In 2010, Leo bought a tortoise for $400. African Spurred tortoises are known to live for almost 200 years which means this slow-moving reptile will surely outlive this Oscar winner. Aside from their incredible life span, this breed of tortoise is the third-largest of its species on Earth! We don’t know what Leo calls him, but we hear he has learned how to properly take care of his beloved pet by giving them lettuce, enough sunlight, and a lot of love.

Mike Tyson — Tiger

This post would be incomplete without mentioning Mike Tyson and his tigers. Each of his Bengal tigers cost him $70,000, but money was nothing since this was his wish. However, the news was out soon that Mike Tyson was spending more money keeping and feeding them. It was probably not too difficult for Tyson with his millions in his bank account, but he had to finally give them up. Though, we can’t get over the fact that his pet tigers inspired a whole role for him in the original Hangover movie.

Whatever kind of pets celebrities kept, we hope they helped Hollywood’s beloved to cope with their stressful lives as being a celebrity is not easy. Though we tend to think that they have everything we can think of, the truth is, just like us lesser mortals, all they need is love and empathy. They might not get empathy from their pets, but they do get love from them. These exotic animals they kept shows even the wildest of them can be tamed through love and caring.

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