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Online Campaign to Help Spread Awareness For Suicide Prevention

Losing a loved one is unbearable, but a loved one that took their own life is even more painful. They are gone and the only ones still suffering are the ones left behind. If you have ever experienced one of your friends or family taking their own life, then you have our sincere condolences.

We know it must be hard, but we have no idea what you must be going through. So before something like that happens to some one you love, then it is better to spread awareness on how to spot the warning signs of suicide. September is the Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, which will help you see the first signs of possible suicide and help out your family and friends before it is too late.

A Campaign That Can Save A life

In the United States of America, suicide is the second highest cause of death for people 45-years-old and below. The New River Valley Community Services has launched a campaign to spread awareness of the signs of suicidal tendencies and how to handle it when a loved one has such tendencies. The campaign has focused on people of all ages. For adults, they use more traditional platforms to help spread the message of suicide prevention around, such as billboards, and spreading printed suicide prevention toolkit to community groups and local churches. For younger people, they use online campaigns on social media to spread the message a lot quicker.


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The online campaign, #AskingSaves urged Facebook, Instagram and Twitter users to write #AskingSaves on their hand and share a photo on their social media accounts. It serves as a promise that the one who participated in the campaign will reach out to anyone that they think is struggling with suicidal tendencies.

The online campaign, #AskingSaves was started in Southwest Virginia back in 2016, around 400,000 social media users have participated in the campaign says the New River Valley Community Services. This year, the New River Valley Community Services says that the goal for this year is to reach more than 1 million interactions, and the #AskingSaves campaign should last the entire month of September.

How It Affects Other People

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There are around 44,000 deaths by suicide in the United States of America alone, and the organizers of the campaign, New River Valley Community Services wants to highlight that each death does not only affect the immediate family members and friends of the deceased, but also the entire community.

Tony Smith, a prevention specialist from  NRVCS New River Valley Community Services says that “For each completed suicide, I saw a statistic that says 157 people are impacted.” He says, “Those are classmates, friends, extended family members. Out of those 157 people, six are impacted greatly. That’s immediate family and close friends.” Going by that numbers, there are around 6.4 million people directly affected by suicide each year in the United States of America alone.

The Signs Of Suicidal Tendencies

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For anyone that isn’t trained in suicide prevention, the signs for someone that has suicidal tendencies may be hard to catch. Trained experts and professionals say that the most common and biggest sign are usually the most obvious, like for example talking about suicide, whether it seemed like a joke or not.

When someone says or even jokes about killing themselves, it should be taken seriously. Sometimes, friends and family may be confused when they say it as a joke, but the mere fact that they’ve said it or joked about it means that it might be serious. Other signs are a change in their sleep patterns, such as when they are either not getting enough sleep or if they are sleeping too much. Sudden mood changes, such as a sudden change

Other signs are a change in their sleep patterns, such as when they are either not getting enough sleep or if they are sleeping too much. Sudden mood changes, such as a sudden change in a positive mood after months of being depressed may also be a sign of suicidal tendencies. If you noticed that they start to isolate themselves, and lose interest in activities that they used to love is a major red flag and should not be ignored. Tony Smith says, “Giving away possessions. A lot of times someone might have a prized possession that they’ve cherished for years or decades. Now they’re coming to a close friend or family member, asking them to take the item.”

So if you notice these signs from a friend, family member, or even someone you barely know, it is important to take it seriously, and make sure that you are there for the person, and to make him feel that you are listening to them and not dismiss their feelings. Listen, and you might save a life.

If you need professional help, here are some facilities that may help you or someone you know:

Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
Mental Health First Aid:
Blue Ridge Behavioral Health Care: 540-343-3007
Southside Community Services Board: 434-572-6916
Danville-Pittsylvania Community Services: 434-799-0456
New River Valley Community Services: 540-961-8300
Piedmont Community Services: 276-632-7128

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