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Different Techniques for Effective Therapy and Counseling

When people talk about weddings, it can be such a wonderful thing, that is because it is indeed a wonderful thing. Finding someone who will be by your side for the rest of your life is such a beautiful thing. A wedding is a celebration of a union, that is expected to last forever.

But in life, there is always the good times, and then there are the bad times. It is just so great to spend that good times with the one you love, but how about the bad times? Why do couples find it extremely hard to work together and united during the bad times? Struggles make a couple stronger, but only if they get through it together. Unfortunately, there are times that no matter how two people love each other, they let struggles and hardships get in the way and ruin them both.

That is where separation and divorce come in, but then again, a relationship can always be fixed as long as the two people involved are going to work hard for it. With the help of counseling and therapy, a couple would then learn how to handle things better, and how to look after each other and work as a team, instead of playing the blame game. They will have a better understanding on how to face life’s challenges together. There are actually different techniques of effective therapy and counseling, and here are some of them.


What is most likely to happen during a narrative therapy is for the couple to narrate their story including a detailed scenario of your problems. The therapist will most likely ask the couple to write it and then would help them analyze then rewrite the negative parts. This would then help the couple to see things in a wider perspective, not just focus on the problem at hand. It would help the couple to see things in different angles.

This would then help the couple to see things in a wider perspective, not just focus on the problem at hand. It would help the couple to see things in different angles.


This specific method of couples therapy is said to have benefited three decades of research and practice for more than three thousand couples. This method basically helps when it comes to increasing the couples’ affection towards each other, without forgetting the fact that they must always have respect for one another. This would help the couple understand each other, especially when they are discussing problems, in a calm manner.


By the term positive psychology, it would obviously focus on enhancing the positive emotions, as well as character strengths and constructive institutions. This would help by helping the couple identify the positive moments as they happen and live in it, instead of just focusing on things when they go wrong. Therapists would most likely make their clients record these positive moments in a journal, to help them see the world in a positive way because that is basically what they are focusing on. These positive aspects would then lead to happiness that could affect the couple in the best way possible.


Finally, this is actually something that not a lot of people know about since couples therapy or counseling is known for involving the two people, individual counseling is more for couples who are not willing to go together or the other party is not willing to attend counseling. This is a counseling technique that is actually not so helpful since it would only help one person, and one person cannot fix a marriage.

No matter effective a particular technique may be, if a couple has made up their minds that it is just not working and they seem like they are just forcing themselves, things will definitely not work out. It might work out for a bit but then, it will cause more pain. Keep in mind that there is simply no harm in trying especially when it comes to working things out with the help of counseling.

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