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Amazing Tricks to Stop Obsessing Over Someone

When you ask someone how they’d feel if someone is obsessing over them, the most common response that you would get is that they will get scared, which is absolutely normal especially if they don’t personally know the person and it can be a bit stalker-ish. However, just because a person is obsessing over someone, doesn’t mean he or she is a bad person. Anyone, obsessed or not, is capable of doing bad things, but then again, people who are obsessed tend to think narrowly since they are only focused on their obsession with that person and it can indeed be dangerous.

The worst thing is that people who are obsessed with someone mistake their feeling by love. They believe that they love this particular person so much, but it is actually an extreme and unhealthy infatuation. How do you know if someone is in love or obsessed? Here are a couple of signs you should look out for.


• If you are obsessed with a person, you simply couldn’t stop thinking and talking about them. For instance, you hang out with your friends and all you talk about is that particular person, because you just couldn’t stop thinking about him or her, people may think it is romantic at first, but if it becomes a habit then it is no longer romantic, it can be a little creepy especially if that person finds out.

• If you are obsessed with a person, you check their social media profiles as much as you can, you would also check if they go online, you would like every single photos and post, you just go through every single corner of their profile. What is worse is that you are so obsessed that you would find a way to get into their account and check who they are talking to, which is a clear invasion of privacy.

• If you are obsessed with a person, you have already planned your life with him or her. Like when and where will you two get married, how many children you two are going to have, where will you two live when you both retire.

• If you are obsessed with a person, you are most likely over-protective towards them that sometimes you would think of dangerous thoughts, like for instance if the person you are obsessing with was reprimanded by his or her boss then you would do certain things to make the boss regret what he or she did.

These are just a couple of instances and signs that you are actually obsessed with someone, it is really common for people to mistake these feelings and actions with love. So if you want to change and get over your obsession then try the following:


The very first and probably the most important thing you must do in order to get over your obsession is to keep your distance. The closer you are to them, the harder it will be for you to get over them. If you are in a close relationship or romantic relationship with the person you are obsessing over with, let them you what situation you are in and let them know that you are trying to change for the better, just hope that they have an open mind and understands you.


Another great way to get over your obsessions is to distract yourself. Do the things that you usually enjoy, because you wouldn’t realize that you’re actually not thinking about the person, that you’re actually enjoying your life and living it. It may be extremely difficult at first since it is like breaking a daily routine.

Try going out and enjoy the outdoors, hang out with some of your other friends and focus on what they’re talking about. It is also advisable to do some fun activities with them like camping, playing a team sport, anything under the sun, as long as it doesn’t involve the person you’re obsessing over with.


Lastly, you must realize that there is actually a life out of your obsession. There are things that you must have neglected like your relationship with your family and friends. Hanging out, spending time, and catching up with them is such a great way to focus on a much better life. If you have neglected your work then it is now time to step up and get your life back on track.

Keep in mind that just because you are getting over your obsession with someone doesn’t mean that you are removing them in your life permanently, it just means that you are trying to become a better person so that you two can have a much healthier relationship, whether it is platonic or romantic.

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